Interview Coaching for Grad Schools and Professional Programs

Competition for graduate schools and professional programs is fierce. If you have been granted an interview, you are one step closer to achieving your academic goals. Receiving an invitation to come for an interview clearly indicates that the graduate school or professional program you applied to is seriously interested in you. After all, only candidates who have made the short list of finalists are asked for an interview.

Admission committees have a pretty good perception of what your academic record indicates about your potential to be a successful graduate student. Now they want to determine who you are as a person and whether you are a good fit for their program and the career you have chosen to pursue. Interview questions will vary depending on the program, school and profession you have selected.

Personal interview coaching will make a significant difference to your confidence and your success.

By being properly prepared for the interview, you will:

  • Make a positive impression on the interviewer(s) thereby increasing your chances of getting into your program and school of choice
  • Be able to explain how your goals and qualifications match what the program has to offer
  • Anticipate questions and rehearse potential answers

Careersma!’s value add:

  • Our interview consultants have extensive experience coaching candidates for their graduate school/professional program interviews
  • Careersma! has an extensive database of questions that are used for interviews for law, dental and medical school interviews as well as professional programs
  • Our interview consultants can help you anticipate questions about any weak points in your application and how to formulate answers to the weaknesses

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