Career Coaching and Counselling

In North America, we spend more than half our lives at work.

Having said that, it would make sense that people learn to make smart career choices. At Careersma! we believe that all individuals have the answers to all their career concerns. They just need someone to help them find their passion and support them.

By asking good questions, through conversation and using vocational assessments when appropriate, we can help you answer the tough questions you have been asking yourself.

Our goal is to help you find meaningful work that will leave you happy, satisfied and fulfills your passion.

How it works

Our career coaching counselling sessions are 75 minutes in length and can be held in person or over the telephone.

It is natural to be confused or unsure when you are trying to make critical career decisions and achieve new goals that can affect all aspects of your life.

Our team at Careerma! can help by:

  • Assisting you to define your career goals and the necessary steps to land your dream job
  • Creating a supportive environment where clients can realize their potential and reach goals that may otherwise have not been achievable
  • Utilizing a range of career exploration techniques to help assess yourself and your career vision
  • Supporting you while you take the time to get to know yourself better and clarify what you are looking for
  • Using a variety of techniques, we get to the root of what may be preventing you from moving forward in your professional development
  • Developing a customized career plan that includes your goals and strategies to achieve them

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